Drafting Patents for Industrial Invention

Graduate in Industrial Engineering (L-9) and subsequently enrolled in the Association of Engineers of Grosseto. For years, I have been working on the drafting of patent texts for well-known law firms specialized in the filing of patents and trademarks. With my signature, I can certify the Research and Development (R&D) of companies, by drawing up a technical report certifying the results obtained after proper inspections.


I cooperate with several law firms in Rome, consulting and drafting patents based on industrial inventions. I use an advanced writing technique that guarantees a high success rate in filed patents. My work is always appreciated, and the estimated delivery time is always below 4 working days.

I am also specialized in the drafting of replies to search reports received by the EPO. I am able to corroborate previously filed patent texts that were found to lack patentability requirements. As an Engineer, registered at the Grosseto Association, | can draft technical reports certifying that companies have carried out research and development in order to apply for tax credits.

I speak English fluently and professionally.

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